Posted on Nov 20, 2017

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Think your holiday gathering is stressful? How about adding a preventable mishap into the mix! Here are some suggestions on how to prevent a few things from getting in the way of your Thanksgiving celebrations!!

Be sure to know where your water shut off valves are for sinks, toilets, washer, sprinkler system, etc. If a problem arises you can shut it off at the source until a handyman can get there to fix it. Disaster averted!!

Remember these basic tips when using your garbage disposal to prevent drain clogs or disposal damage!
No Starchy Foods (potatoes, pasta, rice, ect.) These are drain cloggers
No Egg shells (they dull the blades!)
No Grease (yet another sink clogger)
No Non-organic Materials
Run a strong flow of water when grinding food.

Frying a Turkey? Stay safe, and follow these simple rules!
Stay safe with these turkey-frying guidelines:
Never fry a frozen turkey. The turkey should be completely thawed before you put it in the fryer.
Fry your turkey outdoors, away from anything flammable.
Wear eye protection and skin protection. Hot oil pops. Think about bacon frying in a pan, and then multiply it by the size of the turkey.
Have a fire extinguisher handy.
Never, ever, ever put water on a grease fire

From our family to yours,
Have a Safe, Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!!
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